Student Leadership Cover Letter

Sample cover letter for Internship position at Siemens


Finance Leadership Development Program


Dear Siemens Hiring Manager,

My name is ___________ and I am an accounting student at ___________, graduating in May of ___________. I am very interested in the Siemens Finance Leadership Development Program Internship after having learned more about the opportunity at ___________. The rotational-based facet of the internship really appealed to me, as I would enjoy gaining exposure to the finance-based departments in addition to accounting. I would love to work as an intern and apply my analytical thinking, leadership and communication skills that I have accumulated through involvement and experience.

As a member of ___________, I have garnered a diligent work ethic that applies to academics as well as any organization or job that I am involved in. My perfectionist mentality coupled with a sense of organization would allow me to be a beneficial addition for taking on several tasks at the same time. Additionally, the various chairs that I have held used to working on different projects, ranging from both a director and assistant vice chair position in ___________ to an assistant directorship in ___________. In fact, one aspect that further solidifies my interest in becoming part of the internship team is the parallel between my conservational goals in the aforementioned organization and Siemens’ emphasis on sustainability.

This is a prospect that I take extremely seriously and I am confident that my abilities suit those of an ideal candidate for the internship. I am prepared to begin with giant strides from day one and maintain the mindset of never stopping my pursuit of additional knowledge from the existing employees. Siemens has made such a tremendous impact on the world, and as such, I would love the chance to join this effort: to contribute as much as possible.

I am a person who is very driven towards my passions and interests, which are aligned with those of Siemens. Thank you for your time in reviewing this application and I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.

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Write a Cover Letter

While a resume provides information about you and what you have accomplished, it is the cover letter that enables you to convey your enthusiasm for a job/organization and to state why you are a good fit for the position. Many employers say that a strong cover letter can be the key to securing an interview. Be sure to focus your letter on what you can offer to them instead of what they can offer to you.

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Contact Name
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Dear Mr./Dr./Ms.________ : (only use the last name; no first names. Use a colon, not a comma.) 

Introduction and name of the position you are applying for.  Specify what position you are applying for – use the exact title as it appears. Then, if applicable, specify how you heard about the position – this is where you mention if someone referred you.  

Why this organization? Say why you want to work at that particular organization: it will let them know that you have done your research and that you know what they are about. Tell about what you value about what they do and/or what their mission is. What did you notice/admire about them from their materials/website/mission? What attracts you to this company and how can you help them in their mission? 

Why are you a good fit for this position?  The majority of your cover letter will be building the case for why the employer should consider you. You want a compelling but logical structure, something that enables you to pick from the best of your background and is not just a chronological retelling of your resume. Focus on what you can do for them (rather than on what they can do for you.) Briefly mention skills or experiences you have had which are particularly relevant to the job posting, but do not repeat what is on your resume. Support your statements with examples. If necessary, break this section into two paragraphs. 

Action-oriented conclusion. Summarize your skills and experience. Yes, you just detailed it in two paragraphs, but you want to bring it all together in the close. Then thank the employer for the consideration – the words “thank you” should be somewhere in the close. Finally, invite them to contact you and tell them that you are looking forward to an interview.


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After you have written your cover letter, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it one page?

  • Is there one paragraph of introduction, 1-2 paragraphs to highlight your skills, and one paragraph to conclude?

  • Is there a strong opening sentence that creates a connection or an interest to the reader?

  • Is the letter addressed to a particular person and is the name correctly spelled? You may have to work hard to find the name of the person to whom your letter needs to be addressed, but you will have a much stronger letter if personally addressed versus the prospect of sending a letter that is poorly addressed (e. g. "Dear Human Resources:", "Dear Internship Coordinator:", or "To whom it may concern:".)

  • Is this letter tailored to the position and organization that I am applying for/to?

  • Are my margins about .75-1” all the way around? Is the body of the letter centered on the page, with equal space at the top and bottom?

  • Is it all single-spaced?

  • Is there one line between the addresses and dates in the heading?

  • Is there at least one line between the date and the contact info of the person you are writing? 

  • Is there one line between your heading (contact info) and the greeting?

  • Is there a colon (not a comma!) after your greeting ("Dear...:")?

  • Does the greeting use only the last name (Dear Dr. Smith:, NOT Dear Dr. Elaine Smith:)?

  • Is there a line between each paragraph?

  • Are all the paragraphs left-justified and NOT indented (block-style is best)?

  • Is there a line between your complimentary close ("Sincerely,") and typed name?

  • Have I checked my spelling and grammar?

  • Is it free from slang phrases or contractions?

  • Have I read my cover letter out loud to listen for any missed words or awkward writing?

  • Has someone else proofread this letter?

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