Journey As A Teenager Essay

My Journey Back to School Essay

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Recently, I began a new journey in my life by making the decision to go back to school. I had chosen to begin my family after high school and had put my education on hold. However, my children are at the age now where they are not in need of my undivided attention. This decision has turned into an enormous learning experience and I have found it to be extremely demanding and yet incredibly exciting and stimulating. The objective of this paper is to provide you with a clearer understanding as to why I have decided to pursue a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. You will also read on some of my key motivating factors with regards to personal goals, gaining knowledge and career advancement. As mentioned earlier, I chose…show more content…

Too much so. As a guard for the county jail and for a state women’s prison, I felt as if I were the inmate, doing my time. I also came to the realization that I needed to enjoy my life with the time that I have left. Bookkeeping was my happy medium. I have been blessed with my present position as an office manager for a local water district. In these troubled times, I was able to climb into a career where I can further my knowledge and be able to support my family. But, in the back of my mind, I know I am capable of greater things and a degree can help me get there. As I have reached my middle adulthood I am experiencing what I describe as a feeling of midlife crisis. I am not as obsessed with my career as before, but I've begun to feel a kind of burn out. I am glad I've taken steps to evaluate myself and work towards career advancement. By continuing my pursuit for a Bachelor’s and possibly Master’s degree in Business Administration, I am accomplishing two objectives. First, I am demonstrating to my children the importance of an education and I am pursuing my aspirations of becoming an operations manager. These two things are connected as I am able to provide for my children so that they are able to pursue their degree. As I contemplate my later years, I envision myself using my newly acquired knowledge to contribute to my community in very positive ways. I believe that community service and volunteerism

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My Journey to Literacy Essay examples

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My first experience to literacy came as a young adult. I have always been reluctant with my education, because of the family problems I experienced growing up. The harsh treatment our family received growing up made it very difficult to study in school, my body was physically in class but my mind was not. The trials and tribulations I went through growing up as a kid continued throughout my teenage years. Dropping out of high school I believe brought upon literacy difficulty. At the age of twenty-three, I finally had enough of feeling undereducated. Living in my mother’s basement with no job and an 8th grade education, the walls started to close in on me as my frustration became greater by the minute. I knew at some point I…show more content…

With the writing, all I could hope for is it went well. Science was straight forward and I felt secure about social studies. After waiting weeks for my results, they finally came and the result was I passed with a decent score. Knowing I had accomplished receiving my GED, my confidence and willingness to learn became greater. Life seems to be a little easier with a GED diploma. I qualified for more jobs, and I had a good feeling knowing I could go to college and train for a career. Passing my GED catapulted my confidence and I begun to make a connection between learning and life skills and developed a great respect for literacy and education. Years of working several different jobs I started to engaged in the process of creating, understanding, and connecting to knowledge and literacy. I became more involved with my work assignments and connected to and learned materials that were given to me. At the age of thirty six writing is still difficult at times because writing has so many subjective aspects it is more complicated than two plus two equals four. Sometimes I feel if there is not a real purpose for writing it is hard for me to get motivated. However I have learned over the years that literacy helped me with the essential steps, to learn exactly what I needed to earn an important education and career credential. At times I still find it hard to learn

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