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was on the right side and one of the lucky ones. They were told to undress and put into stripeduniforms. At night, the SS guards would go around hitting them to see if they were hiding goldor diamonds. Around the same time, Auschwitz was sending Jews to other concentration campsto work. Joseph and the remaining portion of his family were checked out to see if they couldwork and were shipped off to Germany. They spent four years in a ghetto and could not standtwo weeks in Auschwitz. Joseph replied, "We wanted to get out of there as soon as possible."Auschwitz was comprised of three death camps. In May 1940, Auschwitz I was built andequipped with a gas chamber and crematorium to start eliminating small groups. This is wheremedical experiments by Joseph Mengele took place. Auschwitz II, also called Auschwitz-Birkenau, came about in the early part of the year in 1942. This camp was designed solely for killing only. There were four main crematoriums and several gas chambers surrounded byelectrical barbed-wire fencing. In October 1942, the last Auschwitz death camp was built.Auschwitz-Monowitz, Auschwitz III, housed prisoners assigned to work at Buna where theymade rubber and fuel. There were forty-five sub camps under this factory. In July 1944, around426,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz. Approximately 320,000 of them were sent to the gaschamber at Auschwitz II and 110,000 were used for labor ("Auschwitz", par. 12). Altogether, 1.1million Jews were deported to Auschwitz and at least 960,000 Jews were murdered("Auschwitz", par. 13 & 15).Crystalline Hydrogen Cyanide gas, otherwise known asZyklon B, was used as the major extermination method.Before Zyklon B came about, the Nazis first form of execution was the firing squad. A line was formed near 

Essay on Auschwitz: Overview of the Concentration Camp

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Auschwitz: Overview of the Concentration Camp

The Holocaust was one of the most horrifying crimes against humanity. "Hitler, in an attempt to establish the pure Aryan race, decided that Jews, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, Roma (Gypsies), and homosexuals amongst others were to be eliminated from the German population. One of his main methods of exterminating these “undesirables” was through the use of concentration and death camps. In January of 1941, Adolf Hitler and his top officials decided to make their “final solution” a reality. Their goal was to eliminate the Jews and the “impure” from the entire German population. Auschwitz was not only the largest concentration camp that carried out Hitler's “final solution,” but it was also…show more content…

The two days’ supply per person is 400 grams. Taking along of additional food is prohibited…..The mayor will also see to it that each car is provided with a covered bucket (for sanitary purposes) and with a can suitable for drinking water… If necessary, as many as 100 may be put in a car and those who cannot take it will perish.” (Hellman) The train rides on average lasted 4 to 5 days and depending on the season was usually blisteringly cold or extremely hot.

The daily meals in Auschwitz consisted of Eratz coffee in the morning, soup at noon, bread with margarine or sugar-beet jam and, on occasion, a bit of sausage in the evening. (Hellman 124) Everyone in the camp was so malnourished that if a drop of soup spilled, prisoners would rush from all sides to see if they could get some of the soup. (Nyiszli, 31) Because of the bad sanitary conditions, an inadequate diet, and the hard labor conditions in Auschwitz, most people died after a few months of living there. (Feig, 342) The few people who managed to stay alive for longer were the ones that had been assigned better jobs such as the clearing out box cars that often times contained scraps of food, and the sorting of possessions striped from prisoners where worn out shoes and cloths could be replaced with new ones.

Twice a day, in the morning and at night before they went to sleep, prisoners had to stand outside for hours in the dead of

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