Sci 275 Week 8 Assignment Developing

Resources: Chapters 14 and 15 of Environmental Science and Episode 4 of Gamescape: Controlling Energy Systems Complete Episode 4: "Controlling Energy Systems" of Gamescape. Imagine that you are preparing a 750- to 1,050-word letter for a time capsule for your great-great grandchildren which explains the long-term energy sustainability plan that you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape. Include the following points in your letter:  Briefly describe the nation's current energy situation, reliance on oil, and renewable energy sources available to us. Discuss some challenges that our nation faces with managing our energy resources and how these challenges have affected you personally.  Describe the sustainability plan you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape. Identify two strengths and two weaknesses in this plan. How can you address these weaknesses?  Present three ways in which you hope our nation will educate people on renewable resources and wisely managing our fossil fuel supply.  Close with one key message that you want your great-great grandchildren to understand about how our current society has managed our energy sources and their environmental effects. Include the Episode Score Report that you generate once you complete the activities from Episode 4. The report is generated in PDF format. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Describing body composition and the risks associated with excess body fat, I have learned that people that are obese have an overall mortality rate twice that of people who is non-obese. Mostly, they are more than three times as likely to develop diabetes. Obesity is associated with unhealthy cholesterol levels and impaired heart function. This is estimated that if all Americans had a healthy body composition, the incidence of coronary heart disease would drop by 25%. There are many other health risks associated with obesity includes hypertension, different types of cancer, impaired immune function, gallbladder problems, kidney diseases, and bone and joint disorders. My current eating habits are getting better as far as having to make big changes. In the morning I will have a bowl of cereal that has a lot of fiber or I will eat a bagel with light cream cheese. Lunch and dinner I will make sure that I watch my calories and eat a great portion of vegetables, and drink plenty of water. On the weekends I have a good breakfast with turkey bacon, eggs, toast and some milk or orange juice. I eat a great amount of fruits and vegetables, and also I get in as much protein as possible with different types of meats. Lately, peanuts and peanut butter has been a good source of protein for me. I tend to eat many fruits and vegetables in my daily eating habits and this helps dramatically with my diet and eating fruits and vegetables makes you feel very healthy and energetic.

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