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Ivan Diaz


Mind was trapped in STEM

"Watch out for his eye."
―Ivan Diaz, offering a final word of advice to Sebastian before his mysterious death

Ivan Diaz was a Krimson City reporter who went missing before the events of The Evil Within. It is believed that the mysterious man in the cell within the safe room is or was Ivan.

The Evil Within Edit

A missing persons poster of Ivan can be found. This man is shown to be a silhouetted figure much like The Administrator, he is seen in a jail cell and will often talk about Ruvik and the world they're trapped in. If he's there, the cell will have a light shining through the bars and he'll often shout phrases such as "Hey! I know you're out there!", "Don't ignore me!", "Hey, dammit!", or "Listen to me, godammit!". Though the man never identifies himself throughout the main game.

He apparently disappeared in Elk River Village, possibly investigating the Elk River serial killer, believed to be Ruvik, which explains how he knew all the insight he provided Sebastian about him.

It does seem like he is trapped there along with everyone else because he does seem to talk about present events such as Ruvik destroying a STEM terminal and leaving only the full STEM, in the hospital. He then tells Sebastian that Ruvik will be waiting for Leslie at the hospital and will take over him to leave STEM.

The Consequence Edit

After talking to the man in the cell, Juli Kidman is able to enter his cell which suddenly appears empty. On the chair is record entry #154 of a reporter named "Ivan" who was captured by MOBIUS after he was suspected of snooping around. It is believed Ivan became a test subject to the STEM, but never made it out.

With this clue, it is suggested that the mysterious man in the cell is Ivan, unable to escape and almost accepting his fate of being trapped within Ruvik's world.


When Sebastian heads into a hallway while traveling through Beacon. Ivan begins to slam harder then usual against one of the cell doors. When Sebastian approaches the door, instead of Ivan sitting in the chair as usual. He's walking around laughing in despair. He sits down on the floor and tells Sebastian not to look into Ruvik's eye.

Ivan then lays completely down on the ground and dies. The player can approach his body and Sebastian will give his condolences. You then have the option to burn his body by respect or as a final goodbye.


Trivia Edit

  • The man in the cell is not idenitfied in the main game, and is only hinted of being Ivan in the second DLC.
  • It is possible Ivan can not leave his cell because he has been in the STEM too long, leaving him insane, and/or no more physical body to return to.
  • He has extensive knowledge about Ruvik and his traps, as well as STEM.
    • He hints at having been forced to escape Ruvik's sadistic inventions in the past. He may have gone through torment similar to what Sebastian faces.
  • Another clue that the man is Ivan is that the voice of Jeffery Vincent Parise in the main game is labeled for "Ivan Diaz", yet Ivan is only directly mentioned in the poster.
  • Ivan appears to simply give up in his final encounter with Sebastian.
  • His insight into Ruvik is surprising, though how he gathered it is unclear.
  • Despite being more than a little crazed, Ivan is fully aware of what happens outside his cell, and is coherent enough to recognize and help Sebastian in his journey.
    • It's never revealed how Ivan knows about the STEM terminal breaking or anything else that occurs outside the cell.
    • Ivan communicates with Sebastian the most, possibly because he recognizes the detective's resilience and ability to hang onto his sanity.

The Assignment


Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

The Assignment is the first DLC for The Evil Within, as well as the first of a two-part DLC, the second being The Consequence. Set before and during the events of the main game, it revolves around Juli Kidman, explaining what she was doing inside Ruvik's mind after being separated from Sebastian and Joseph, while also delving into her past and revealing her true motives.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1: An Oath

The Chapter opens up with Marcelo Jimenez's notes from one of his trials. He details the following:

They existed together, but each saw things in their own ways. It was as if each patient's consciousness filled in the blanks, creating their own reality.

-Test notes from Trial 716-AX

Dr. Marcelo Jimenez

Kidman is assigned to take on the mission of retrieving Leslie from the STEM. She enters the machine, and while in the forest she is attacked by Oscar Connelly and falls off a cliff. She then hears Mobius talking to her, and later attempts to use a keypad. The keypad does not recognize her, forcing her to find the computers to get access, dodging Haunted, Cadaver and the Shade on the way.

Ruvik appears later and traps Kidman. She is saved by Sebastian and Joseph, only for her and Joseph to fall through the ground, as in the main game. 

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths

The Shade attacks Kidman while she is trapped by fallen rubble. Joseph then turns into a Haunted and attacks Kidman. After she defeats him, the world changes and Kidman is brought back to a familiar location from her past. After getting past some Haunted and Cadavers, she finally finds Leslie and takes him to the church.

Ruvik appears and attacks Kidman by controlling Leslie. She points her gun at Leslie and both Leslie and Ruvik disappear. The Administrator then asks her what she is doing and tells her they need Leslie alive. Kidman responds that this is not possible and that they don't know what Ruvik is capable of. The Administrator chases her, forcing her to run. Once Kidman has escaped, the game ends.

Gameplay Edit

The Assignment's gameplay differs heavily from The Evil Within, as Juli cannot use any firearms throughout the DLC. The only tools at Juli's disposal are the Flashlight, Bottles, and on occasion, Axes. It is impossible to directly engage any enemies, so stealth is crucial to survival and the system has been updated to accommodate for the fact that Juli is unable to engage in open combat with the enemies for most of the DLC. Kidman can take cover and peek around corners, lure enemies by calling out from cover, throw bottles from cover, and open doors while crouching.

The Assignment also introduces a new gameplay mode called KURIYAMI, which disables all light in the DLC besides the flashlight. Enemy placements are still the same as they are on Survivor Difficulty

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Shade and Cadaver were originally going to be featured in the main game.
  • Kidman shares many animation rigs with Sebastian in the main game, though there were some new ones recorded that are exclusive to her.

Concept Art Edit

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