City Beautiful Chandigarh Essay Contest

Chandigarh, the joint capital of Haryana and Punjab is often regarded as a prime example of modern day India. Unparalleled in architecture and planning, the city provides an impressive standard of living. By combining the two important factors- modernisation and preservation of nature, city continues to be considered as one of the finest cities to live in, in India.

Located at just 250 kms from Delhi, Chandigarh is also a favourite with tourists. One of the major interests lies in the history of the place which states Chandigarh to be the first planned city in independent India. Over the years, the city has maintained the charm created by Lord Corbusier and envisioned by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. People from India and around the world, flock to this great city, in large numbers to experience the true essence of India.

Prosperous, vibrant and dynamic are the words often used to describe this worldly place. The eye catching blue skies and a backdrop of mountains magnifies the beauty of this much talked about city. Chandigarh, an architectural genius, is also considered a major hub for shoppers and foodies. The secure atmosphere, luxurious high standards of living, picturesque sceneries and the peoples’ ‘high on life attitude’ makes the city one of the most visited cities in India.

How to Get There

The city  is well connected to the rest of India and is also easily accessible. Among all the ways to reach this divine destination, one of the most common ways is by road. By being located at a suitable distance from Delhi, it provides for a great opportunity to have a fun road trip with family or friends.

Best Time to Enjoy 

Located in the plains, Chandigarh has a moderate temperature just like other North Indian cities. The summers however can be a little harsh and thus, less enjoyable. The monsoon is a pleasant change and helps to keep the weather in control. Thus, the best time to visit Chandigarh is from mid-August to November wherein it is neither to cold nor too warm.

What to do

Chandigarh provides numerous activities for indulgence and continuous enjoyment. From historical parks to an eventful nightlife, City offers an exotic platter of things to do. Among the limitless possibilities, the following is a list of timeless favourites.


1. Nek Chand’s Rock Garden- This magical little kingdom consists of constructions from pieces of waste and recycled junk. Unlike any other garden, this masterpiece impresses one and all. Nek Chand brilliantly put bangles, steel wastes, broken cycles and sinks, to great use.2. Rose Garden- With over 1500 variety of roses, this particular garden is the largest rose garden in Asia. As the roses bloom, people from all around the world rush to have a glimpse of this beautiful garden.3.The Capitol- This area symbolises the construction of a well-planned city by Lord Corbusier. The impressive and well-built High Court, Vidhan Sabha and Secretariat are not only magnificent but also leave all the onlookers in awe.4. Sukhna Lake- Essentially an artificial lake which was also established by Lord Corbusier; it is still a major attraction in Chandigarh. The Sukhna Lake is a lively place where families often relax and rejuvenate with various fun activities.5. Explore more- If someone is looking for a little more adventure, the best option is to head out on a road trip to nearby places. Chandigarh is surrounded by delightful places- Kasauli at 50 kms, Shimla at 119 kms, Manali at 308 kms, Dalhousie at 325 kms, so on and so forth. The options are plentiful and fun is guaranteed. Thus, if one desires to experience more, catering a few extra days for various road trips is an excellent idea.

Chandigarh Specialities

1. Shopping- Whether you prefer local shopping or indulging in high fashion labels, Chandigarh is the place for you. The variety is sure to leave you spellbound. Colourful Punjabi tip-turned jutis (footwear), vibrant dupattas and jams are among the hot buys in Chandigarh.2. Eating- Chandigarh offers lip smacking varieties of authentic Punjabi food ranging from Sarson da Saag to Chole Bhature. Also, the refreshing Lassi available in every nook and corner, is sure to delight your taste buds.


3. Festivals- Its a place wherein people are always in high spirits and willing to have fun. Moreover, during a few festivals the energy and aura is undeniably effective. Throughout the celebrations, love and cheer is spread. Baisakhi in the month of April marks the beginning of the harvest season and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. In February, the festival of gardens promises roses in full bloom and extravagance. The Chandigarh Carnival is yet another event for fun and frolic. This fair spread over the span of three days, invites people from all over the city to exhibit their talents and indulge in friendly competitions.

A holiday in here is bound to be lively and cheerful. With so much to do and try, one could never get bored in this beautiful city. Spending time in here will indeed give you tonnes of memories that you will treasure forever.





"City Beautiful" Chandigarh invites all its residents to participate in the essay competition for "Smart Chandigarh" initiative. This essay will focus on the issues faced by the residents of the city, and the likely smart solutions which can address these issues. The administration will take help from the selected entries to develop a vision statement for the city and will also define city sub goals based on it. The participants should focus on the practical, bankable & implementable ideas/solutions related to Smart City which should match the context of the city.

• The topic of the essay is "Mere sapno ka Chandigarh" (Hindi), Chandigarh of my dreams (English) , Mere Supnayan da Chandigarh" (Punjabi)

• Maximum word limit - 1000 words

• All the essays must be submitted in .pdf (PDF) format

• Residents can submit their essay in - English, Hindi or Punjabi.

• All the residents can participate in this open essay competition on, except students of government and private schools for which a separate competition will be held through Education Department.

• The essay should have at least following templates -

(a) What is your Vision for Chandigarh as a Smart City ? - e.g. vision of Copenhagen, Denmark is to become "Carbon Neutral by 2025". (maximum 15 words)

(b) What are the main area specific problems and what smart solutions you want to recommend ? (150 words)

(c) What are the main Pan City problems and what pan city based smart solution do you recommend ? (200 words)

(d) Any global/best practices which can be implemented/replicated in Chandigarh ? (200 words)

(e) How will you contribute to your city as a Smart Citizen ? (100 words)

The top 3 essays will be awarded -

1st Prize - Rs 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Rupees only)
2nd Prize - Rs 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Rupees only)
3rd Prize - Rs 10,000 (Ten Thousand Rupees only)

• 50 best entries will be given consolation prize of Rs 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only)

The competition shall be closed on 15th October, 2015.

How to Submit

• All the entries must be submitted online through No other medium of submission should be accepted.

Terms and Conditions

• All the participants must clearly mention following details in their essay -

1. Name
2. Father/Mother name
3. Address
4. Age
5. Contact number

• The winner will be chosen on the basis of brevity, originality of the content and ideas and implementable & bankable action points . The decision of Chandigarh Administration on selection of first 3 winners and consolation prize shall be treated as final. No plagiarism will be allowed.

• No government official working under Chandigarh Administration can participate in this essay.

• It will be assumed that whoever is participating in the essay has fully understood the general information and terms-conditions given hereby.

• Chandigarh administration reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the competition and/or the terms/condition without notice.

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